Vision Therapy and what to expect….

Visual problems can cause difficulties in areas of reading, writing and learning. Even if you can see well, there may be other significant visual problems hindering your ability to learn. These problems include:

Before your comprehensive eye exam we ask that you fill out a Developmental Screening form to help determine if you or your child would benefit from therapy. During the exam the Doctor will examine the visual system including, focusing, eye alignment, eye teaming, and eye tracking. Based on the results the Doctor may recommend a Developmental Assessment where further testing will evaluate:

The results and treatment plan will be thoroughly discussed at consultation with you, the Doctor, and Occupational Therapist. Therapy sessions are usually scheduled weekly and performed by our Occupational Therapist, under the supervision of our Doctor. Skills and functions will be re-evaluated regularly to assess progress, with the objective being to develop, improve, and enhance performance.

Occupational Therapy and how it related to Vision Therapy…
The “eye-mind-body connection”

Vision therapy emphasizes specific functions such as focusing, eye teaming, eye movement, peripheral vision, depth perception, and visual perception. Our Occupational Therapist at CECC incorporates sensory/motor activities, gross/fine motor coordination, balance/postural control, and eye-hand coordination together with the specific functions of vision therapy. This allows the senses to work together, achieving an integrative approach to optimal learning and function.

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